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Well, as some of you might remember, Malka and Sabini used to be mates in my old headcanon. But I changed that and made Sabini Mega's mate. So I needed a new mate for Malka, a new mother for his cubs. I didn't want to create a completely new character because I already have so many. XD

And then I remembered "Kadogo".

She's a small Nala-clone who appears in one panel of a comic called "An Unusual Choir". She, or the lioness I assume is her mother, don't have names in the comic, so I named them Kadogo and Utamu.

00:13 Tue 10/17/2017
I need to draw Malka :o

05:32 Tue 10/17/2017
Go ahead! :)

15:56 Sat 10/21/2017
Tojo too.

Truthfully I don't do much canon but we'll see

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