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  • 06:36 Wed 10/11/2017
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When separated from his ball, Ballka, Koho goes into berserk mode. He is an expert warrior by his own merit but when separated from Ballka his already weak sanity snaps; all hesitation and compunction are buried by homicidal passion to reunite with his love, Ballka. Once reunited with Ballka, Koho returns to his almost childlike state of mind . In the middle of a losing battle, Sura will often hide Ballka to illicit Koho's inner destroyer. Koho's wild-side has been known to cut down rogue groups by a third on his own.

Misfit Pride Ref Sheet-

15:55 Wed 10/11/2017
Sukala A.P.
Definitely the stuff of nightmares. O_O

07:27 Thu 10/12/2017
Super savage! Love it! <3

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