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  • 18:06 Wed 9/20/2017
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I've been on a TLK kick lately and this happened :} thought you guys would appreciate. I *know* I had even older fanart but I couldn't find it, so this will do.

I'll be making various bases for sale cuz I need that sweet sweet $$$ right now. I'll reuse this one and add a few new ones, so if you're into that kind of thing, stay tuned!

22:25 Wed 9/20/2017
Art is a BANG, Hm!
Oh my...a Kourukon I spy? C:

03:57 Thu 9/21/2017
yep c:

22:47 Wed 9/20/2017
Kou!! Hi!! How have you been as of late? :D wonderful work as always, such improvement! <3

04:19 Thu 9/21/2017
Heeey :) I've been pretty good actually! I even started drawing more intensely lately. Thank you!

11:55 Thu 9/21/2017
Sukala A.P.
*GASP* She's alive! She's emerging from the grave! We are doomed! D8

I'm very happy that a good veteran like you plans on uploading more!!

Stunning improvement, by the way! :)

17:44 Thu 9/21/2017
Haha, a veteran? :D kinda makes me feel important B) Thank you!! hope I won't disappoint

19:39 Sun 9/24/2017
Sukala A.P.
You ARE important, too! You're one of my biggest inspirations! <3

08:28 Mon 9/25/2017
*blushes* oh you :3c

20:35 Thu 9/21/2017
Kou! Wow! Hi! It's awesome to see an upload by you! :D

13:17 Fri 9/22/2017
Hiii C: thank you! drawing lions for so long burned me out really bad, but now it's like a fresh new shiny theme and I enjoy drawing it again <3

17:30 Mon 9/25/2017
Nice to see you again, Kou! I'd say this is a great improvement. :D

07:06 Tue 9/26/2017
Heeey long time no see :) thank you!

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