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This is my new design for Uru, or Ranya (as I feel Uru is kind of overused/expected). Wanted to break the mold.

For my new TLK, Uru is the mother of five cubs; Kamini (One Meerkat Too Many), Kirijah (Orphaned Birds), Mufasa, Naba/Scar, and Sarafina.

You can find more detailed pictures of her here:

But boy does she have a lot of descendants, and they include some key characters: Simba, Tojo, Nala, Mheetu, Rani (new addition), quite a dozen other semi-canon characters.

Trust me, even I have problems keeping track of it all lol.

06:48 Fri 3/2/2018
Awww little curly tuft on her head! I love that, it's so cute!

03:36 Sat 3/3/2018
Thank you very much ^^. That head tuft is her trademark and has stayed the same even though her character has been revamped a few times. In the end it works well because several of her female descendants have head tufts.

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