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  • 03:25 Mon 9/11/2017
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"Hi, my name's Kopa! What are you doing up there?"
"N-nothing. Just hanging out..."
"Oh... That's cool. Wanna come and play with me?"
"Uh... No, thanks. I'll just stay here."
"Is it because you're stuck?"
"What? No, of course I'm not stuck!"

Well, maybe he's a little bit stuck... :P

11:12 Mon 9/11/2017
XD Pfft of course he's not stuck Kopa! xD This is Nuka we are talking about. xD

I love this so much. ^-^ I also love your Kopa design, he's so pretty. :D
Edited 11:12 Mon 9/11/2017

12:08 Mon 9/11/2017
Aww, thanks! I've always been kind of disappointed that none of Simba and Nala's cubs got Nala's blue eyes, so I just kind of... snuck them into Kopa X)

12:50 Mon 9/11/2017
Me too! :D On both those things. ^-^

Continue to sneak because he looks pawsome! :D

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