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This one took a massive load of work and time. But I'm pretty satisfied with the result. :3

Here you have Simba and Nala, with other cubs that appeared in semi-canon books and comics.

This is also a reenactement to two older pieces that you can see here:

Hope you like it!

21:19 Sun 9/10/2017
They look amazing! I really love how expressive your art is!

10:20 Mon 9/11/2017
Sukala A.P.
Thank you! <3

23:47 Sun 9/10/2017
So fun!

10:20 Mon 9/11/2017
Sukala A.P.
Indeed! ^w^

23:54 Sun 9/10/2017
Art is a BANG, Hm!
I love that Chumvi is squashing Kula XD

06:37 Mon 9/11/2017
Cubbbiiiiess! ^-^

16:08 Mon 9/11/2017
I love this picture <3

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