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  • 13:43 Sat 9/9/2017
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A little crocodile baby!

15:45 Sat 9/9/2017
Naaaaaaw!!! ^-^ Adorable wittle crocodile! ^-^

14:44 Tue 9/12/2017
F# Major
Thank you! Baby crocs are the best!

11:46 Sun 9/10/2017
Sukala A.P.
Wow, 'been a while since you posted anything! Glad to see a sign of life from you, dear! :)

That's such an adorable and well drawn lil' critter, here! <3

14:50 Tue 9/12/2017
F# Major
Ah, thanks! Ikr everyone probably thinks I'm dead lol. The majority of the things I draw lean more to the domestic cat side of things now, so I don't have anything on topic to post :/ Do you have an art account on Instagram? I'd love to keep in touch with people on here. <3

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