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  • 17:32 Thu 8/31/2017
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Sarabi to the rescue!
Would've been better with wildebeests but, um, I can't...

Anyways, this is for the contest.
So what if Sarabi came to Simbas aid rather then Mufasa? Perhaps it was part of Scars plan... Or perhaps it was something he was NOT anticipating at all
Either way, Sarabi would end up dead in trying to save her son, and poor Mufasa would be left with having to deal with the death of his wife AND his child.

I figure he'd fall into a deep depression, maybe even hardening his heart and becoming more bitter and angry. Maybe even exiling Scar when he pinches a nerve...
Or maybe Mufasa wouold be so down, he wouldn't even TRY to fight off Scar when he attacks him.

07:35 Fri 9/1/2017
Naaaw his little face!
I love her determined expression. :D

08:59 Fri 9/1/2017
Thank you!!! ^^

07:35 Fri 9/1/2017
Oh my goodness! What a great idea for an AU! Good luck on the contest!!

09:00 Fri 9/1/2017
Aw, Thanks! May play around with it a bit.
And thanks again! Although my entry was pretty late ^^;

09:34 Fri 9/1/2017
Sukala A.P.
That's an interesting twist! And it's very close to reality as it is mostly mother lions that care and raise their cubs. :P

Amazing work! ^^

14:51 Fri 9/1/2017
Thank you~!

12:18 Fri 9/1/2017
Interesting idea! :D And awesome picture.
I have a feeling Sarabi might have been able to get out of the situation alive, since she is a bit smaller then Mufasa, and probably more agile (she is the lead huntress, I think).

But yeah, I can see Scar manipulating Simba with 'What would your father think?' :(

14:52 Fri 9/1/2017
And yeah, maybe!

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