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Characters from the left:
Anashi - The lost prince
Luka - the princess of "Kingdom of Seven Lords"
Karaha - an White Assassin

This picture took me actually eight hours to draw! :o But I am glad how it turned out :D

16:15 Fri 9/15/2017
I was wondering, do you have this story written down somewhere? From the pictures it looks really interesting :3

16:36 Fri 9/15/2017
Yes, I do c: Actually even two stories taking place in the same universe - an prequel of Forgotten Story that is about Nuka's father and Zira's brother: Ramsay The Mad. And the main story, that is focused most on Luka, Nuka, Anashi and Karaha (with a side-plots about Kiara, Kopa, Kovu's original parents, The Lion Guard, The West Lion Guard... and a bunch more :D ). I publish a chapter every week on my blog [] , but unfortunately for now it is written only in my native language - Polish. But I am planning to start a webcomic on DA with this story a few months from now c: (made in english, of course :D ). I just need to get more confident with perspective and proportions a little bit ^^
I hope i didn't bore you with my overtalk ;D

14:25 Sun 9/17/2017
Aw shucks I don't speak polish ^^; I'm looking forward to that comic :0 I'll give you a watch on dA too! and don't worry you don't bore me at all :D

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