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  • 01:09 Wed 8/30/2017
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  • Sarabi


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So this drawing is kinda shitty, but I decided to colour it anyways.
And as you can see, backgrounds aren't really my forte... ah well.

17:51 Wed 8/30/2017
Sukala A.P.
Mufasa Christ, all your efforts for such awesome artwork deserves a golden medal... maybe even the legendary AOTM medal! 8D

Very nice one, there! Is there a story behind?

17:58 Wed 8/30/2017

And I never really thought of it, I guess I'd say to use your imagination.
But I figure Ziras needling Sarabi in some way, just being a bit too nosy, asking about Sarabis personal life, asking if she's happy with her choices... and Simba not usually being too comfortable around her, he finds that there's just something 'off' about 'Aunty Zira' (as she insists that he call her)

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