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Chapter 3 Page 34

There is only three pages left at this point including this one. The final page goes up on Monday. I will post a page a day till Monday.
There is some writing that may be hard to read on this page. See below for help:

Panel 1 & 2: (none.)
Panel 3: Voices-"Leonette!" "There you are" "Wondering off alone I see" Danny - "Don't worry. I will be with you!"
Panel 4: Danny-"I will always be with you." Voices-"Guiding you" "Protecting you"
Panel 5: Danny-"Your brother has left for his training. Good!" "This fits perfectly with our plans!"
Panel 6: (none.)
Panel 7: Danny-"Oh, but you will. You don't have a choice." "Your father gave you to me. This is what he wanted."
Panel 8: Danny-"He does not care about you. Not like I do!"

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