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Heir to Pride Rock, page 31.

Kula and Chumvi. :D Some people have been asking what's happened to them.

For those who don't know, Kula and Chumvi appear in a book called "Nala's Dare", which is part of the same book series where Kopa comes from (The Lion King: Six New Adventures). Those two monkeys (Jambo and Kwaheri) and the hyrax (Pimbi) also appear in the same book series.

Chumvi is Simba's step-cousin in my headcanon. Chumvi's stepfather was Sarabi's brother. And Kula is first cousin to both Simba and Nala. Her mother is Sarafina's sister and her father was Scar.

18:02 Mon 8/14/2017
I NEED to do Kula. I've done Chumvi once before. He's Kovu's real father in my version. But....maybe Kula can be Kovu's aunt or something.
Haven't decided

04:44 Tue 8/15/2017
Go ahead, draw her. :D

00:29 Tue 8/22/2017
Thing is though, I don't draw canon much these days. I can try to maybe but I'm more interested in OCs

23:42 Mon 8/14/2017
Seriously when is Disney hiring you WHEN, your art is seriously perfect! Simba looks super well especially :)
So nice to see Kula and Chumvi!!

04:42 Tue 8/15/2017
Haha, thank you! XD

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