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  • Heir to Pride Rock
  • 12:59 Sat 10/14/2017
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Heir to Pride Rock, page 28.

Baaad Zira, stay out of this.

15:43 Thu 7/27/2017
Zira is one Sneaky Pete isn't she?

15:49 Thu 7/27/2017
Also my character Teemu happens to be named after NHL great Teemu Selanne who's actually from Finland :D

09:14 Fri 7/28/2017
Haha, really? He's our national hero. XD

16:47 Thu 7/27/2017
Ahhhh I love this so much. You have unbelievable talent portraying the characters SO realistic (Disney style), and very recognizable :)
Perfect facial expressions, and so lively! Amazing.

By any chance do you use any tutorial to get the expression so perfect? Screenshots as references? Anything?? I am planning a Lion King comic too, and could really use some tips how to make the characters and expressions look amazing (like yours)

12:11 Fri 7/28/2017
Thank you!

Well... No, I don't usually use references for the facial expressions. But I do use refs for difficult poses and perspectives.

22:25 Fri 8/18/2017
Lord Zephyr
This is why Zira is so awesome... So evil and sly... :)

15:32 Mon 8/21/2017
I agree. I love and hate her. XD

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