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Heir to Pride Rock, page 27.

A little older? Zira, you're old enough to be his grandmother. Not that I have anything against big age differences in relationships. Age is just a number and love is all that matters and bla bla. Even if it's a "You have your father's blood, I must breed with you!" or "You're the only female who doesn't think I'm a loser" type of love. XD

Remember, lions don't age like humans. That way this might feel less weird.

And before anyone starts screaming "BUT SHE'S HIS HALF-AUNT!", no, she's not. She's his mother's half-sister's half-sister. Not related to his mother. But she's his father's second cousin... Oh well... =P

16:47 Thu 7/27/2017
Zira... oh boy xD I love her expressions, especially in semi-last panel!

09:12 Fri 7/28/2017
Thanks! XD

22:33 Fri 8/18/2017
Lord Zephyr
Zira is so awesome. :)

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