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  • 13:31 Sun 4/9/2017
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All started with an April Fool's picture... But I had so much fun doing it that I wanted to draw a whole comic page for it. So here it is ! A page for my fake comic "Terror From The WaterHole".

17:55 Sun 4/9/2017
Sukala A.P.
*gasp* OH NOES! Da two cubs are in danger! What shall happun next?1!?!

Hehehehe, very priceless! Looking forward to see more of this masterpiece, l'ami!

14:53 Mon 4/10/2017
*Jump and hug You* Thank you very much !

17:43 Mon 4/10/2017
I can see these becoming a weekly series. These comics are hilarious. XD

15:14 Tue 4/11/2017
Awww Hello Fantasia !!!
Haha, that's a great idea, I think I will draw a few more pages.

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