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  • 17:45 Tue 4/4/2017
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  • Sunflower

    F# Major

Long time no see! Nostalgia hit me hard recently, so I might be hanging around here a little more.

03:31 Wed 4/5/2017
I absolutely LOVE how floofy this lil' girl is. XD

It says on her character page she's mixed breed and for some reason after the obvious caracal jump my mind made, it went to Fennec. Wouldn't be very realistic, but who knows?

So now I have to ask..>.> What's she got in her ancestors? If you say caracal and fennec, I'm going to be super happy that I called it and have to commend you on your portrayal. :B If not, she's still super cute and fluff-tastic so I'll get over being wrong. :3

10:11 Thu 4/6/2017
F# Major
Thanks! A fennec and caracal mix is a really interesting idea, I might go for it! As far as I know she's just a mix of all different kinds of things (so I can draw her however I want shhh) ;)

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