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Page 33.

Kovu sends Kazo into a short exile, turns his attention to his other son for the time remaining, while the others plan the funeral for the fallen.

There's only a little over a couple pages left of this comic, so sorry for taking this long to finish it. I've really turned my attention to my original works, but like I might have mentioned before I'm never leaving the TLK fandom! Thank you everyone for understanding, and I'll have other picture up over time.

01:11 Fri 3/31/2017
Good to see you update again. I like seeing Kiara shine at the forefront. I'm looking forward to the end.

20:49 Fri 3/31/2017
Lord Zephyr
OMG. Your back uploading here again! (Same for me too) Great to see this comic again! :)

01:52 Sat 4/1/2017
Glad you're back! Hope the end is just as good!
Edited 01:56 Sat 4/1/2017

13:26 Sat 4/1/2017
Sukala A.P.
Dang, your comic is dark as hell... O_O

But it is very awesome! So interesting, and the fan characters are well designed!

If I had to pick my favourite, it would be Rahisha.

Keep up with it! :)

13:44 Sat 4/1/2017
One of my favourite comics on this entire site! I've been reading everything and dang it's amazing

23:56 Sun 4/2/2017
I totally admit, this is one of my fave comics around, the plot is superb and original, and it's almost scary how much everything makes.... perfect sense. Fantastic!!

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