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  • 15:39 Tue 3/14/2017
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Well, I never really did any art inspired by my favorite Lion King song and it's been ages since I last did a picture of Scar.
So here he is. Damn, I love that lion!

23:49 Wed 3/15/2017
Lord Zephyr
And this is why I love this site. Awesome art made by awesome people... :) And awesome art of my fave character. :)

03:13 Thu 3/16/2017
Ooh really love the red shading rather than the typical green. His paw is great too. Nice one Mirri :D

10:19 Thu 3/16/2017
Wooooaaah! This is epic!! :O I especially love the moon and stars!

06:49 Fri 3/17/2017
Really atmospheric, I gotta say the background is amazing, so well done, so is scar of course, everything's amazingly done :)

12:34 Fri 3/17/2017
the more i looked at this the more beautiful it got, the colors are gorgeous! really amazing job

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