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Here it is, everyone... The Archive Wide Canon Collaboration!

Bow down to this magnificent masterpiece! :D After almost a year, it is here!

Thank you so much everybody who participated!


Night (Who have drawn Zazu), FluffyBunny (Who have drawn Pumbaa), Impano (Who have drawn Timon), charry (Who have drawn Simba), Shinda (Who have drawn Sarabi), ~Suka~ (Who have drawn Bunga), Pandoras-Jinx (Who have drawn Zuri), Goldenheart (Who have drawn Tiifu), JustAmadi (Who have drawn Kiara), KanuTGL (Who have drawn Kovu), AnnieHyena (Who have drawn Vitani), KimiKubby (Who have drawn Kion), Nukasclaw (Who have drawn Nuka), Kossu (Who have drawn Rafiki) and BlazingBlackMage (Who have drawn Mufasa)!

I did Nala. c:

13:26 Sat 2/25/2017
looks awesome! Great job guys :D

13:41 Sat 2/25/2017
Wwoooooooooooooooooooooow!!!! This turned out pawsome!!! :D :D All the different styles together look so interesting. :D
Edited 13:41 Sat 2/25/2017

13:57 Sat 2/25/2017
Blazing Black Mage
Man this came out awesome! Everyone's art look so good! :D Great job everyone!

14:02 Sat 2/25/2017
Looks amazing! Well done to everyone involved :D <3

14:26 Sat 2/25/2017
Kahuna Potato
Ooo! Nice!

14:49 Sat 2/25/2017
Aaaaah I've been waiting for this!! It looks so awesome all together, wonderful job everyone! (claps) :D <3

16:21 Sat 2/25/2017
hooray! oh wow it turned out so cool! :D

18:18 Sat 2/25/2017
It looks awesome :D

18:03 Wed 3/1/2017
Heyy! I wondered what happened to this :D I must say, it turned out really great! I love these kind of collabs, and everyone did a wonderful job <3

Cheers for putting this together, Sukala! :D

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