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After having watched "PIXELS" (in DVD), I inevitably thought a few times how would my characters, or else TLK canon characters, look in a 1980s videogame-like style (not that far away chronologically speaking from TLK movie, you know...). In the end I went for LK canon characters, and right ahead of Nala can you see the PIXEL units that I used.

Recreating the characters out of such large square blocks proved more challenging than expected. Scar and probably Simba as well seem to me as those closer to the real characters, while Timon and Zazu are the smallest ones in this sheet, and thus the ones who look more like 1980s videogame characters.

Coincidentally, it´s pixels what my veteran paint software is characterized for the most ^^

06:21 Mon 1/23/2017
That's really cool :D It really reminds me of some of those old games ^^
I really like how you've drawn Scar and Nala ^^
XD "Game Over - insert Banana to continue - "

14:49 Sat 1/28/2017
Alan the leopard
No naughty thoughts on the "insert banana" bit, my dear Kiwa?... X)

12:28 Mon 1/23/2017
I love these! It really makes me want to work on a Lion King arcade-type game! (It also reminds me of the SNES TLK game, even though it's a little more detailed. XD)

14:50 Sat 1/28/2017
Alan the leopard
I still have the Sega MEGADRIVE LK game, and even though it´s not that pixelated, you can still see pixels there ^^

12:53 Mon 1/23/2017
Very cute pixels! I think Scar's profile is my favourite out of them all!

13:27 Mon 1/23/2017
Blazing Black Mage
These are so cool Alan! They really look like they could belong in that era of gaming! I really like how you were able to keep the characteristics and detail in these guys but also stay true to the pixelated style. My favorites out of the bunch would have to be Scar and Zazu. :D

15:33 Mon 1/23/2017
Lord Zephyr
great work! :)

10:19 Sun 1/29/2017
I love it!

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