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  • 16:52 Sat 11/26/2016
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Just a little something I made today. As you can see I've changed her design quite a lot-though I am very happy for it. It's a mix of her design when she was Mvua's Queen (Back when Mvua was a male...eep) and her original design-which you can see in a picture of a cub when I introduced her. (And also a few added extras!) I've kept her eye colour from her most recent past design.

Anywho- now she is the daughter of Dotty! Her father would be some sort of pride-lander looking lion (Which she gets most-if not all-of her looks from). Later in her life she becomes one of Princess/Queen Mvua's best friends and consorts, though she has a hard time trusting people. She looks after cubs in the pride.

15:10 Sun 11/27/2016
Wonderful design, Painty! :) I like that little small tuft of hair, and the stripe-combination. :) And those background rocks look splendid as well! :D

11:38 Tue 11/29/2016
Thanks Tabbi!

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