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I realised that I never uploaded the updated structure version of this, (and I can't get back to previous pages when on the art manager of my main folder to replace it-If there is a way to do this it would be very helpful if someone would let me know! I'm still working out the new layout a bit. :S )

So my internet was down for just over a week-so it's great to browse around here again.

But before I watched The Lion Guard for the first time! It was 'Never judge a hyena by it's spots'-and I have to say I really enjoyed it! I'll probably make a piece of artwork featuring my two favourite characters of the series so far.

I hope you are all well, school is getting stressful, yet there we are.

20:03 Tue 11/22/2016
Clear and impressive work to look at. :)

As for Art-Manager problem that you stumbled upon; maybe posting a bulletin might help? Likely someone else out there might know. Good luck though.

02:47 Wed 11/23/2016
Thanks as always Tabi!
Okay, I shall do-thanks again!

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