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  • 05:19 Sat 11/12/2016
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Kovu: ...Kion? I need your help.
Kion: (How in the Pridelands did he get here?)

So I watched Lions of the Outlands! It was pretty good, but hearing Adult Kovu's VA voice Young Kovu was... Weird X)

12:17 Sat 11/12/2016
Haha, my feelings exactly.I knew he was going to sound older, but it's one thing to imagine it and another to actually hear it. It was an interesting episode nonetheless, nice to see all of the SP cast return.

And I forgot to say that the drawing is lovely! :)

14:44 Sat 11/12/2016
Thank you! I agree, it was an interesting episode. I really hope we get to see more interaction between the Guard and Zira's family. Maybe we'll find out why Kion and The Guard missed the events of the second half of TLK2?

12:38 Sat 11/12/2016
Aww this is lovely! ^-^ I kind of wish Kion would have let Kovu explain himself a bit...maybe in a future episode?

14:42 Sat 11/12/2016
I hope so!

21:49 Sun 11/13/2016
Sukala A.P.
*gasp* Adult Kovu's voice actor voiced as the young Kovu?! Even more spoilers hit me. *ded*

I have noticed that this episode made TLK fans react very much. There's movement in the fandom. ;)

This piece is very cute! Nice work! ^w^
Edited 21:49 Sun 11/13/2016

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