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  • 17:00 Mon 10/24/2016
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(to the tune of s club 7) dont stop drawing feel the rhythym to it artists got us going around, round

07:02 Thu 10/27/2016
Sukala A.P.
This, sir, is some improvement! *puts monocle on and drinks tea*

In 2012, we have miss mousie and her baby, in 2014, mama lion's eye is missing, in 2015, the lineart is chubby, too chubby! And the present's piece is a great result of the evolution. Smooth lineart, great anatomy and nicely drawn background and grass.

Magnificent work, mon ami. ;3

08:05 Thu 10/27/2016
-curls mon moustache-
thank you very much sukie! i'm very happy with my improvment! :)

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