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This comic says pretty much everything about my thoughts on the upcoming reboot of The Lion King. :)

The hype is on!

By the way, the three cubs on the 4th panel are The Cub Trio, Simba's young descendants. There will be more about them.

10:18 Tue 10/4/2016
Wait, real lions? Or CGI?

Comment deleted.
12:40 Tue 10/4/2016
Sukala A.P.
I'm not sure yet. ^^'

16:22 Tue 10/4/2016
Haha omg, wow! I love this xD
Personally I'm still kimda worried about what they'll come up with, I really hope it'll live up to expectations (although I don't base the success of The Jungle Book on that, they'll have to come up with something more than just cgi animals).
But I think you're right on the best attitude to take toward the news, I'll do the same and prepare for it excitedly :)

12:36 Wed 10/5/2016
Epic work yet again, Sukie! :) As for getting a realistic TLK, I dunno.. Aslong as no animals are harmed, I'm fine with it. But I think the best would be taking footage like from a boulder-camera, and do something like a film called 'Pride'. You know it?

It does have quite the resemblance to the actual TLK plot itself though, but it was filmed through a unrecognizable remote-control film camera, having a shape of a boulder, placed near a pride of wild Lions. They got used to it quite quicly though. Plus I think such an approach an lip-synchronizing them with CGI for sake of expression is better, then letting captured zoo animals do all sorts of tricks.

But those are my two cents. Anyways, well drawn stuff, and we all see what it has to show in the end upon release, I suppose. But nothing beats a fine original masterpiece of animation that is TLK! :D

16:42 Sun 10/16/2016
Alan the leopard
(my previous comment, deleted?... Okay, retyping it again... :P)

My attitude towards cartoon characters aging is somehow two-fold: on the one hand I inevitably feel a bit depressed, but on the other hand I´m for making them age up, rather than keeping them young forever XP If they grew from cubs to young adults, so they should keep on growing up, aging up.
That´s why I don´t like my own characters be seen growing too old, and some of them, like Alan himself, are "programmed" or scheduled not to grow too old, if you know what I mean...
This also reminds me of some book on Asterix, in which the villagers appeared rather aged at the beginning ^^

As for this oncoming LK remake, all that I can say is that while they don´t make a botched job like that of TLG ("elephant concerts", a mere cub pulling out a full grown lioness from a gorge, superpowers whoever knows where the hell do they come from...) I´m okay with it. But hopefully, that won´t be the case, since it seems that the director (John Favreau) will be the same as the recent (magnificent) remake on The Jungle Book (which makes me wonder whether this guy specialized in remakes or something) :P

Last, I´m afraid that I don´t see it such a good idea that they make a reboot on TLK while TLG is still so fresh. Inarguably the success of TLG has been quite relative, because there seem to be as many people who enjoy it as those who dislike it, which means that this later group, after the deception and disappointment with TLG may not be in such a good mood for another LK-related production. And that may weigh down in the success that this CGI remake can have. Too much LK-related stuff coming together... :P

Anyway, lovely work, Sukie; as all of your works are ;3

00:32 Mon 11/7/2016
Lord Zephyr
I agree. TLK all the way. I am happy with the new re make coming out soon and TLG. :)

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