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Earlier this year I mentioned I was going to pick 5 random, active artists and surprise them with a little drawing of a random character in their gallery.

I wanted to do this because it helped to keep me drawing, and also because I wanted to do something fun and nice.

The victim of my 2nd gift is: Cheeony!
I stumbled across their page and was very intrigued by the comic of their character "Damian," who I then had to draw myself.

I hope you continue with his story, I'm really interested in it! And I also hope you have a good rest of your year. =^^=

17:05 Thu 9/1/2016
This literally made my day!!
I get on to upload a comic page and im like "wait what?" when i see him in the newsfeed.
It makes me so happy that people are interested in my comic and that they love Damian as much as i do.
Thank you thank you so much so this surprise gift!!! *glomps*

19:23 Thu 9/1/2016
I'm so happy you like it!
I hope he looks right, it's sometimes hard to do surprises cause you obviously can't ask said "surprisee" any questions without giving yourself away. Hahah!

He's such an interesting character and I'm excited to see more of his comic!

You're so welcome, dear. Have a good one. ^^

19:35 Thu 9/1/2016
You did him perfectly! And yeah i totally understand.

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