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I've put way too much effort into this XD

I felt like doing this funny TLK meme thing XD

Blank meme can be found here:

Lion King © Disney
Lion King characters © Disney
Disney Zootopia © Disney
Lion King schreenshot © Disney

Kiwano (Smilodon Lion) © by me
Kiwano Fossa © by me

18:34 Mon 8/1/2016
Sukala A.P.
This is amazing! xD Glad to see that more peeps are using this fun meme! <3

06:20 Tue 8/2/2016
Thank you Sukala :D ^^ It really was hilarious to draw the characters for this meme XD

04:22 Tue 8/2/2016
Alan the leopard

I think that this has been the funniest work from you I´ve seen to date, and I must admit I read it through with great interest and fun ;D

06:23 Tue 8/2/2016
Thank you Alan :D
XD It was my intention to make it funny XD I'm happy to hear that you found it entertaining ^^ I really like to draw funny stuff like I did here XD

XD Your TLK meme inspired me to make own :)

10:06 Tue 8/2/2016
Alan the leopard
Bitte, meine liebe Kiwa *enge Umarmung* ;D

I have your meme once more watched, and there are a number of things that have caught my attention :3

To start with, the fact that you draw hyenas SO WELL indeed ;) (while I fnd them terrific to draw XP) Seeing them laugh at Scar´s new haircut is to me like the last thing that they´d do in their lives X9 Not to say them apparently finding Kiwa´s look like a funny crossover! I wouldn´t like it to be on their place X3 But rather with my pop corns there to watch the show >:3

And Kiwa grabbing- who´s that? Ahadi? ^^ Anyway, grabbing a lions on his neck... tsk-tsk-tsk X) Too risky even for Alan to "tickle" Kiwa, I guess ;9

And Nala... she looks GORGEOUS in that Zootopia-like design! ;D

Mach weiter, liebe Kiwa! ;D

12:28 Tue 8/2/2016

XD I used a lot references for the hyenas ^^
I'm sure Scar will teach them a lesson for laughing at his haircut, but I think that was a "once in a lifetime" opportunity for the hyenas XD

That's actually just some random nameless lion XD
Don't worry, Kiwano wouldn't do this to her friends ^^

^^ I'm happy to hear that you like the Zootopia panel, since that was the drawing I actually put the most effort and time in ^^

Vielen Dank Alan :)

15:30 Sun 9/25/2016
Lord Zephyr
Really great work on this. And I like your character too! :)

13:41 Mon 9/26/2016
Thank you very much :)

18:51 Sat 11/5/2016
Lord Zephyr
Your most welcome. :)

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