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Here's a little TLK related piece. The original sketch was from last year! It looks already old to me. x3

Here's Kiara in her cubhood teasing Zazu. (Before she grews to be more mature and ''snob-ish'' to finally be a playful young adult... Disney twists everything. :P )

This is why Zazu retires from cub-sitting.

19:44 Wed 7/13/2016
Normally Zazu is scolded at, as some bother being around - You two still remember that, right Nala and Simba?

Anyways, Kiara seems different, taking Zazu by his "hand", even wanting to play with the poor old bird.

Aslong as she doesn't try to eat him, like Scar once did.. That would be so Deja-Vu and 1990's-like! :P Well drawn!

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