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A meme! :D

The blank is here in case anyone want to use it!:

16:30 Wed 6/15/2016
BRUH xDDD this is hysterical! Omg Ed's hair, poor Zazu, and "we don't want maneless lion as our king!" XD I died! And it's so cute too, cubbie Sukie is adorbsface! ^-^ <3

16:32 Wed 6/15/2016
Sukala A.P.
Hehe, glad you love it! ^^

''Adorbsface''... Hmm, what a special term. x3

20:52 Wed 6/15/2016
I really like the consistency in your drawings, it shows you draw a lot. :) And I too am happy that you did this meme! You did very well here, if not down right excellent. :D Cubby Sukala goes all like poofy floof-eyed @ Nala and Simba.. xD And yeah, Zazu as a roasty toasty birdy outta zeh birdy-boiler! Burning his bum like that.. Psssh, you Sukie!! :D xD :P

Btw. Ed has the length of my hair! :D I'd say, that's a definite winner for a situation to be! Classic job overall!!

22:26 Wed 6/15/2016
Sukala A.P.
My right hand is doin' the job! ;)

I wonder what hornbill wings taste like too.

Isn't cubby Sukie cute? <3

As for Ed's hair, it comes from a certain manga hero....

Thank you so much for another wonderful comment of yours, Tabi! <333

06:40 Thu 6/16/2016
This is awesome! Ed's new haircut, so beautiful ;u; xD and hey, a fellow autistic! *hugs you*

10:23 Thu 6/16/2016
Sukala A.P.
Proud to be autistic! ^^ *hugs back*

Thanks Doodle for commenting! :)

15:00 Thu 6/16/2016
love ed's new hair

10:22 Fri 6/17/2016
Alan the leopard
Some interesting info over there :3 Starting with the fact that baby Sukie resembles so much Alan when he himself was a cub XD I bet that if Ace and Alan were still together, they could´ve easily mistaken Sukie with one of their cubs ;9

Then, Ed´s new whig is PRICELESS X) Hard to beat that haircut with any other LK character- fantastic work there, Sukie ;)

I see as well that we share the same favorite canon Lk character- *shakes hands with you* ;)

I had a draft featuring Alan arm-wrestling another character as well (as Nala does here with the jaguar from Tarzan- whatever he was called...) Now I may discard such a draft.

Priceless final frame as well:3

I´ve been considering doing this thing at times, but somehow I always missed the final push :P

17:02 Fri 6/17/2016
Sukala A.P.
Yeah, we can say Sukala is like a ''girl version'' of Alan. x3

Ed's hair cut sure is lovely indeed. ;3

Nala is an amazing character indeed! HIGHFIVE! :D

The jaguar's name is Sabor, by the way.

You should do this meme, it's fun!

Anyway, thank you so much for commenting my lovely friend! <333

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