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  • 18:29 Wed 6/8/2016
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"You're outnumbered sister, accept our ways or your on your own.."

My new theory for Jasiri, i believe her and Jsnja to be siblings. I think most of the hyenas from the original film moved on, but some chose to stay behind instead.
Jasiri being female, would have become matriarch of the remaining clan. Janja doesn't like this, as her beliefs and respect for the circle of life messes up how he wants to run the clan.

This would explain how they know each other and why they are enemies as seen in Never Judge A Hyena by its spots. Notice they are also both the only hyena's, with the lighter streak in their tail tuft..

More to come on this later! Not my best work, but I had a last minute brain wave and wanted to draw it XD

01:24 Thu 6/9/2016
Ack, a few hours earlier and you could've entered this into the contest. :)Great job, they both look very cute!

09:01 Thu 6/9/2016
Ahh i know :( i did enter it but there was only a few hours left. Still nevermind ^.^ thank you!

09:04 Thu 6/9/2016
Kat * Fuzz
This is really nice! You did a great job on this. Also, that theory is very true..

12:27 Thu 6/9/2016
Thank you! :) first thing i wondered was why is a female hyena cub living alone? And then i thought; why else would Janja see a single hyena as a threat? Lots of fun to play with this theory..

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