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Entry for the contest ''Put Yourself in the Frame''.

Dragonstar joins Simba's pride... to get banished a second later. *cues the song ''Not One of Us''*

Hope you like it, fellas! ^^

01:41 Tue 5/17/2016
SHEEEEE IS NOT OOOOOONE OF UUUUUUS! XDDD omg this is too perfect! I'm done! This wins everything! xD "kill it with fire" NO KIARA SHE'S TOO CUTE xD <333

07:49 Tue 5/17/2016
Sukala A.P.
Actually, that lioness was supposed to be a random one, but you still can consider her as Kiara. :3

Thanks, Azzy! ^^

04:20 Tue 5/17/2016
haha love it made me giggle :) good look in the contest!

07:51 Tue 5/17/2016
Sukala A.P.
Thanks! ^^

08:02 Tue 5/17/2016
Dear goodie, what have you done!? :P My eyes, ow ow ow my eyes, hurt so much by them hypnotic mighty brighties. :D But well drawn Sukie, and good luck in the contest!

*Edit: Whilst on a serious note, why would someone only be rejected because of looks, or non-expected behaviour which doesn't much harm - But startle the object of fannism, making it feel a bit awkward? :P

No bannism today, I'd say, Dragonstar stays! *objects against Sim-ban!* No royal lowness plz! :P

07:52 Tue 5/17/2016
Sukala A.P.
Ehehe, thanks, Tabi! ^^

19:36 Sun 5/22/2016
This is definitely the best one XD

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