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"The Lion King 2 Needed Hyenas"

Despite liking the movie and the characters, I think it would've been better if the Outlanders were hyenas.
It's a greater challenge for Simba to accept hyenas than those he shares the same species with, giving a more important meaning to the message "We are one". The hyenas deserved some kind of return and proper resolution in the sequel, but instead we got these unmentioned Scar fangirls, and the hyenas were never seen again.

The story would've worked fine with the hyenas still fighting for their place in the Pridelands, with Kovu and his family being part of that. He wouldn't be named "Kovu", though. I personally like the name "Kuliwa", which still refers to Scar. I guess.

17:12 Sat 4/16/2016
I really enjoy this mock cover and your AU storyline. This is very well done, and I like that the hyenas still represent their lion counterparts.
Curious, only because I'm catching this feeling from your drawing; are they romantically involved, or just very close friends? No issue either way, I was just really curious about the rest of your take on this story. LoL.

18:07 Sat 4/16/2016
It could go both ways, but in general I would like for their relationship to stay the same. They would be romantically involved.

20:56 Sat 4/16/2016
This looks awesome! This is such a nice idea! I love the way you Hyena-fied the outlanders while still keeping their key facial features!

06:01 Sun 4/17/2016
Hey,the ananas is alive!Hope you're doing well...It's good to see another "old" TLKFAAer posting.And I'm glad to see that your witty humor is as sharp as ever!

Cool mock poster.I too felt that SP needed hyenas,the lion outlanders were too random.
Kuliwa and Nuka-hyena reflect quite well the original designs,I like that.Also,yay for interspecies relationships.:P

Now we need a fanfic about this...

20:10 Fri 4/22/2016
Sukala A.P.
This is amazing. Yeah, I can imagine if it was the case. :3

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