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  • 11:20 Sun 1/31/2016
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"Come here Kiara, I want to show you something" Simba said softly, smiling as his daughter nestled between his paws. "Look up at the sky. You see those stars? Those are the great kings of the past, looking down on us. Including your grandfather."
"Mufasa? But I don't understand, why is he up there and not with us?"
Simba smiled sadly. "Just because he's up there, doesn't mean he isn't with us Kiara. He will always be there to guide you, along with the other great kings. As a wise baboon once told me, he lives in us."

Been wanting to do this picture for a while. Tribute to my own grandfather who passed away a year ago today, we named a star after him and the original scene with Simba and Mufasa always makes me think of him now. <3

19:57 Mon 2/1/2016
Oh that's so sweet! I love that it's a tribute to your Grandfather, that gives the picture so much more meaning <3

03:46 Tue 2/2/2016
Thank you <3

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