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My half of a trade with Night.
I know he's not a fan of being wet, but I can't help think he'd take a chance to run through super shallow water on a beautiful, warm evening. Heheh.
I hope you like it dear, and thank you so much for your gift to me. Seriously, everyone go look at her half of our trade cause it's beautiful.

19:07 Wed 1/27/2016
This is so amazing :D I love everything about it! The pose is so well done and natural, Brody seems so happy and carefree <3 The water effect is just flawless, I love it so much! I really like the clouds too, they're so beautiful and really convey the atmosphere and time of day. I really love this, thank you so much! <3

21:47 Wed 1/27/2016
Yaaayy! I'm so glad you like it!I just loved Brody's design, and that pink just called for something happy and fun. I had the pose, but it took so long to figure out a good background, since backgrounds aren't exactly my forte, lol. The water effect was very new to me, but I wanted to try something different for you, especially after your amazing picture. :D

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