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A drawing of a male cub I'm hoping to adopt off the Trading Tree. HEY! 8'D Long time, no see, TLKFAA!! I'm still around drawing, but I don't have a computer to use so I can't quiet come back here yet.... but I will one day! I am on Instagram though under FennecMutt.

10:33 Wed 11/11/2015
it has been a while :3
well, nice to see from you again I will say ^^

hopefully you will be able to upload more sometime :)

04:55 Sun 11/15/2015
I like how you draw him. He looks so naughty ;).

Please send your picture to my Art Trades/Request and he will belong to you then :)

11:02 Sun 11/29/2015
Lyall Wolf
Hey Toto xD long time :D I like him he's cute xD

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