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  • 16:00 Sat 7/4/2015
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One night, the two brothers slipped away from the den at the Outlands and into the long grass at the borders. Nuka looked at his younger brother "hey Kovu, climb up on my back I want to show you something." Kovu complied, scrambling up and standing on Nuka's shoulders. "See the stars?" Nuka continued, "Dad always said they were the Great King of the past."
"Wow!" Kovu mouthed, looking up in awe. "Do you.. think he's up there?"
"I hope so."
"Maybe I'll join him someday" Kovu grinned. "You could come too Nuka, then we'd all be together!"
Nuka smiled, "right!"

Contest entry! A what if Nuka had a closer relationship with Kovu scene, it's something I've been wanting to explore. Also.. I found thinner pixel lines! I like how they turned o

17:07 Sat 7/4/2015
this is adorable <3

06:10 Sun 7/5/2015
Thank you :) <3

03:37 Tue 7/7/2015
Sun Rei
Aww, how sweet! Nuka looks so different smiling and his eyes full of wonder - cubs of all ages should experience that, not the war training Zira put them through.

This is really wonderful, I love it when artists explore moments we didn't see in the movies. =3

10:33 Tue 7/7/2015
Thank you! :3 me too, it's fun to think about what could have been ^.^

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