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  • 06:04 Sat 6/6/2015
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Every cloud has a silver lining, even on days when it's hard to find.

Some sketchy fun, I get so attached to the way some sketches look I'm never satisfied when I try to do the line-work layer so I just left it like this :)

11:16 Sat 6/6/2015
Beautiful sketch.I love it that despite the dark,gloomy weather the lioness seems to be happy.:)

13:15 Sat 6/6/2015
Wow, that's really pretty. I think it looks amazing as it is right now. :3

13:43 Sat 6/6/2015
Disney fan
I know that feeling! Sketches is so mutch better sometimes!
Nice picture!

15:55 Sat 6/6/2015
i adoreeee this picture you made ~<3
such pretty! :D

16:08 Sat 6/6/2015
Wow this looks amazing :) beautiful piece

15:39 Tue 9/8/2015
Hello Calico! Welcome to the archive!

I really like your style so far, your good realistic detail and unsaturated color palette really add to the tension of the piece.

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