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"I Just Can't Wait to be Queen"

Mufasa and Simba genderbent.

18:00 Tue 5/19/2015
Actually good capture of Mufasa as a lioness still maintaining the strong chin and Simba's expression of disgust is great.
Funny I get the joke and am amused light-hearted fun ^_^
make me a zebra my fellow woman lmao ;D

18:01 Tue 5/19/2015
This just made my day. XD

18:14 Tue 5/19/2015
Well if this isn't downright mean I don't know what is :/ even with sarcasm intended :(

Edit: I get the joke too... I just find passive aggressive sexism bleh at best.

05:59 Wed 5/20/2015

09:04 Wed 5/20/2015
Ahahaha Brilliant, got a good laugh out of me mate, nice job!

09:30 Wed 5/20/2015
PFFFFFT XDDD this just made my morning! I did see a little sexism thing, but I know it's all in good fun xD just a jokey! <3

07:19 Sun 5/24/2015
Sun Rei
Bahahaha, I love it! Muffy makes a beautiful lioness. XD

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