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  • 00:48 Sun 9/28/2014
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Geez sorry I've really been absent from uploading stuff, sorry about that.
I wanted to revamp my Allmate fursona Twaie, I can never get my head around designing reference sheets but I don't think this is too bad. I really love the way she looks now, I wasn't too keen on the older design.
Keep in mind Twaie's personality is far from mine, she's her own character and I see her as not a representation of myself but an artistic guide. Our likes are the same though. :P

Lost transparency reducing size and you probably can't read it so come over here:

08:50 Thu 10/2/2014
Love that design, very sleek looking, also nice touch adding in a skateboard, let your personality shine x Also sorry I've been long gone, a lot has happened this year!
edit! I'm just happy I didn't upset you by neglecting those requests I owe you guys *hugs* thanks for being so sweet, I can wait for sure if you're in the middle of re-designing :)

I still owe you a pic too!!

22:23 Sat 10/4/2014
Ah ha you're adorable thank you. XD
Oh no I understand, so many things have happened for me this year that I wasn't expecting and it's gone by so quickly, it was great just hearing from you again though. <3

Whee! But I'm in the process of redesigning Kaila like I did with Twaie. Agghh I want a picture from you so bad but would it be okay if you could wait for a bit? ><
I'll make him even cuter for you when you draw him. :P

Edit: Oh no don't worry about it~ But hopefully soon I can get back to you with the ref. :>

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