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  • 2014
  • 02:50 Wed 9/24/2014
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  • Ahadi


  • Zazu


'He's a little tiny, bit if he can see over Mufasa's mane when he's older he can do anything!'

Late entry for the Site-Wide contest: New interactions! I didn't really know where to start, so I decided that I would mix Zazu, who I have never drawn until now, with a Comic Character, and I chose Ahadi. He's taking little Apprentice Zazu on a Tour of the Pridelands, and it looks like they're having fun!

11:58 Wed 9/24/2014
I really dig how you drew baby Zazu there, Painty. And Ahadi looks great in your version of him as well. :-D

May the best entry win, but good luck in the contest.
Anyways, you'll have my vote. :-)

13:22 Wed 9/24/2014
Aw thank you so much Tabbi! I didn't really know where to start when drawing little Zazu, since I haven't seen any other pictures of him so young, so I just looked at some Baby horn bills, I'm happy how he came out first time round! Ahadi was a blast, especially doing his mane. :D Glad you like it!

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