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  • 22:12 Sat 8/2/2014
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I've owed this picture to a friend for a long long time, she likes to pair our fursona's together and secretly I think they look cute together too. XD Plus Twaie loves foxes so yeah... in canon life though Twaie would just bite him and walk off. XD
The fox's name is Tazz and I designed him early in the year for her because I was so obsessed with the idea of having our own fursona's together - this was when Twaie was given her final design too. My friend doesn't draw Tazz too much as a fox, but rather draws him as a human alot which is pretty cool. Twaie has a human design as well but it's a little in the beta stage still. ><
Anyways! Hope you guys like it!

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