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  • 12:58 Wed 6/25/2014
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..Because as a lion, Simba would be pretty old by now ;3

My celebration picture for TLK's 20th anniversary! I was 2 years old when this film came out, it was my favourite then and it's still one of my favourites now. I always remember TLK being a comfort to me as well, whenever I was upset I used to put my VHS on or my parents might buy me a Lion King toy to cheer me up.

And while I've always loved to draw, starting to draw TLK fanart several years ago was what really inspired me to improve and develop my art further and continues to inspire me to create. <3

14:03 Wed 6/25/2014
Wolf 777
Hahaha!! xD lol this just made my day! this is great keep it up sweetheart can't wait to see more :D *faves pic*

15:09 Wed 6/25/2014
Hehe glad you like it! Thank you, was fun to draw! XD

14:11 Wed 6/25/2014
Whahahaha love this! Simba with all his kids that do or do not exist ^^

15:10 Wed 6/25/2014
Lol yep, poor old guy must get confused xP thank you!

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