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  • 17:40 Sat 5/31/2014
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Goodness Sketcher, after two months it feels good to play with you again.

~3.5 hours

20:52 Sat 5/31/2014
That's sketcher art!? Wow you did such an amazing job!!
I'm really in love with that angle, it's rare to find angles where the camera is looking up.
The nighttime colours are beautiful and not too dark and ah I could just go on.

I'll just say that it's really pretty. XD

22:38 Fri 6/6/2014
Thanks, Twaie ^^,

08:26 Sun 6/1/2014
I do wonder how you can make things like this in Sketcher, even I cannot make anything close to this withing even four hours of drawing xD
anyway, Nice pose, it is a mystery still how you are able to do poses of any kind :)

22:39 Fri 6/6/2014
Well, I've had pretty close to three years to wrestle with Sketcher XD Thanks, Kuna!

02:09 Mon 6/9/2014
Alan the leopard
*naughty mood on* I wish that the tail was twisted to the other side X3 Mwwaahahehehe XD *naughty mood off*

Now seriously, I could never imagine that it is possible to do such things in Sketcher (mostly considering its name itself ^^) but I guess that only master hands like yours can do something like this ;3 Very well done indeed, Willow! ;D

14:32 Mon 6/9/2014
XD I wondered where the naughty comments were here.
Thanks so much, Alan ;w;

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