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Ahhh I hate this so much. /cringes
Sadi looks nothing like what he's supposed to in terms of how his head is shaped, and his mane came out a little funny... D':
But I do love the way that Cora came out, and she was the center of attention for this picture so at least I'm happy with that part.
Anyways! Awesomesauce2014 wanted me to have an introduction picture for Sadi in which he would be entering Coastal Pride and interacting with the leader Cora. I think it's a really good idea to start off with a picture like that. So that's why I wanted to get this done as soon as I could.
Anyways I hope this picture is okay~

I would consider this a gift but make sure to correct me if I'm wrong.
1ATT 1DEF 1SPD 1STM 20VIT (+1)6EXP (+2)12F

11:27 Sat 5/31/2014
Hate it? Why?
I think it looks excellent :D
you did everything so well, I do think you should keep it up, your talent allows you to do anything it seems (I can't draw beaches, yet you did it here and it looks easy xD)

Excellent job again :D *faves*

20:31 Sat 5/31/2014
Ah Kuna that's so like you to be so cute. XD
Thank you so much. I'm glad you like it, it makes me like it a little bit more.

11:32 Sat 5/31/2014
This looks great! Make sure you send it to A Legacy of Pride trades :)

20:32 Sat 5/31/2014
Thanks~ Of course I'll do that right away!

23:14 Sat 5/31/2014
I really like the picture :) I like Sadi's expression and how he's interacting with Cora. Cora seems shy here, but still, they are in her lands, so she looks as though she has the responsibility of control.
I like how Sadi has his head bowed to her and Cora's eyes are so beautiful!

I love the beach, and the lens flare, which can sometimes look tacky, has been done so delicately and beautifully, that it really adds to the picture and makes it look quite natural.

Beautifully done! :)

23:58 Sat 5/31/2014
Aww thanks Kahllyn! When I was drawing Cora and Sadi I was thinking about the size differences and how Cora is a little selfconscious about being smaller than usual for a lioness. Sadi is supposed to be a pretty big lion so I could imagine how that would be a bit damaging to her selfesteem. Hence her expression. XD

Pfft thanks. I'm so glad it didn't turn out tacky. It was my first time trying it out so it's good that you like it!!

Ah thank you for going so indepth about the little things you like about it!! It really helps me when I know the specific things that people like in my pictures. Because then I can think of using those techniques and improving on them~ <3

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