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  • 07:38 Tue 5/13/2014
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School and life in general makes me slow at drawing sometimes... I've been having trouble drawing canon for some reason as well but I'll try and break out of that soon!
But at least I've finished a reference sheet for Kaila!

Texture Source:

10:20 Tue 5/13/2014
Well, it is an excellent design, yet if I would try drawing this character, it would be next to impossible xD
There's so many details...
Anyway, excellent picture, I do love how you drew the character as well, very well done ^^

19:27 Tue 5/13/2014
Ha ha yeah I was thinking about how he may be too detailed. XD
But ah well, I love him so much that I don't mind spending a little longer than usual on his design. <3
Thank you, I'm glad you like it!

14:26 Tue 5/13/2014
How absolutely WONDERFUL! I love him.

19:28 Tue 5/13/2014
Aww thank you! ><

07:43 Sat 6/7/2014
Character design always gets me happy for some reason, I love looking at people's characters. Awe I love his edgy and creative mane, the character comes across as very natural I like the Indian-like markings near Kaila's legs too the colour scheme really makes them pop and compliment the rest of the design :) He's a very sweet looking character :)

08:57 Sat 6/7/2014
Gosh thank you so much! I've never seen his leg markings as Indian-styled but I can kind of notice that now, that's a kinda cool interpretation actually. XD
He's my favourite out of all of my ocs both on the TLKFAA archive and off by far. So I'm really glad you like him! :D

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