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  • My Fursona!
  • 10:34 Sat 5/10/2014
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A new style? Not exactly...

More a re-working/tweaking of an old style I used to use.. in fact, it was the style I used for my first ever Penda drawing:

Hopefully using a different style will help get my drawing motivation going again x3

10:47 Sat 5/10/2014
Well, I think this looks amazing Doodle, very well drawn :D
I really like this style, and I love Penda's design, it just looks amazing all the time ^^

11:33 Sat 5/10/2014
Thanks very much Kuna, glad to hear you like it :)

11:49 Sat 5/10/2014
I love this :) its so cute!

11:50 Sat 5/10/2014
Hee thank you! (:

13:23 Sat 5/10/2014
This is so beautiful, Doodle! ;v; The lineart is lovely, and I also love the shading. Penda is so adorable! *hugs Penda* <3 those beautiful brown eyes Cx

Meh, I'm like you. I'm experimenting with different styles as well, just to see what I like. :3 I think you should keep drawing with this gorgeous style, if you want to of course. <3

15:17 Sat 5/10/2014
Cora you are far too kind *blush* ^/./^ but thank you very much! <3

Yeah I think this is what I need.. I seem to be getting into a rut with my art and getting art block, so I'll probably be experimenting more so you'll definitely see more of this style, maybe others too :3

17:41 Sat 5/10/2014
This is absolutely gorgeous! I love it Doodle! :D <3

19:08 Sat 5/10/2014
Thanks so much :D <3

22:45 Tue 5/13/2014
Her eyes are beautiful!

11:32 Wed 5/14/2014
Thank you! C:

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