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Hay guys! So sorry for taking so long to upload, I've had a lot of things go on in RL (mostly good things!) and I've been wanting to spend more time on completing original artwork/novels. Keep in mind that just cause I'm not uploading does not mean I'm not checking messages and I will be answering any questions/trade/commissions anyone has. Enjoy!

20:42 Wed 4/30/2014
Poor Kiara and Giza. Oh, Kovu's going to rip Kazo a new one when he finds out what happened.

20:59 Wed 4/30/2014
Oh no! Not Giza! :(

Keep the comic comin! :)

Nice to see ya active on here again! :)
Oh. And I changed my user name to Zeyphr Tiger... :)

09:17 Thu 5/1/2014
Poor Giza. No one deserves to die like that.

02:48 Wed 6/11/2014
Wow, I imagine Kovu will exile his son Kazo along with his followers. I look forward to what comes next. Also I am excited for the announcement of The Lion Guard. May you continue your story.

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