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A few people have asked me to make a family tree for my comic characters. I understand it can be a bit difficult to remember the names and relations.

So, here it is. :)

Mirembe and Amara's fathers are brothers. Their mothers are also related in some way, maybe half-sisters or cousins or something...

And yes, Lia is Nia and Tau's half-sister, even though they're littermates. Lionesses ovulate multiple eggs, so different fathers can fertilize different eggs. Simple. XD

11:43 Thu 5/1/2014
Good job :D i know what are the cubs of Amara ;) :D

EDIT:You're welcome ^^ *waiting the birth of the cubs* (Kiziah and Ayo)

08:52 Thu 5/1/2014

Some people don't know yet. :)

22:52 Thu 5/1/2014
Hey what happened to everything in your main folder?

Also cool picture
Edit: By the way I'm SO sorry I missed your birthday. My job's been really exhausting and getting ready for graduation is really getting me tied

08:53 Thu 5/1/2014
I removed some crappy drawings. I got tired of looking at them. :P


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