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  • 06:57 Mon 2/24/2014
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This is where you can find the bigger version:

This is just a thank you to everyone on this site and over on DA as well for inspiring me to draw TLK. I started roughly in 2008 after visiting this site on so many occasions. After my millionth time visiting I thought I'd join up and start doing some of my own TLK art, I thought there was no harm in trying and I ended up crying a circle with massive ears that looked like a dinner plate. Over time although I haven't posted much I have improved a great deal and I wanted to thank everyone here and on DA for their feedback, kind nature and everything else. So Thank You! :)

16:05 Mon 2/24/2014
Lovely drawing!!

17:10 Mon 2/24/2014
Thank you :)

17:21 Mon 2/24/2014
Great looking drawing :)
I also looked at your dA version, it's also very nice

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