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Sarabi and Nala stood next to each other as they spotted Simba fighting Scar. They watched unmoving they knew they couldn't help Simba had to fight this battle alone. Suddenly Scar tumbled over the edge and landed hard, Sarabi and Nala watched as the hyenas and the fire began to swam Scar.
'Finally its over,' Nala whispered. 'And Scar got was given to him.'
'Yes it is over,' Sarabi agreed. 'However no long lion should ever have to die like he has done.'
'You have to remember I was once friends with Scar the lion he was before he became Scar that's the friend I'll mourn.'

This is my entry for the current contest I've never entered one before so I thought I might as well give it a go. It was fun coming up with an idea. :) Enjoy

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